If you’ve never seen a Ballet Arkansas production, YOUR ARE IN FOR A REAL TREAT! We perform a variety of dance styles including classical ballet and contemporary pieces which maybe classic works, staging of newer works and world premiers of works created  specifically for our company. We have been know to dance in pointe shoes, socked feet and bare feet. Our costumes range from classical ballet tutus to modern dance wear to street clothes.

Our dancers, who hail from all over the United States, have a wealth of training and experience and a passion for the art form of dance that can only truly be experienced by coming to a live performance.

Here’s some information in order to make your experience more pleasurable…

ARRIVAL TIME – We recommend that you get to the theater at least 20 minutes before the show and in your seat at least 10 minutes before curtain.

DRESS – While some people love to dress up for attendance at the ballet, especially our younger attendees to The Nutcracker, business casual clothes are the norm.

REFRESHMENTS – Venues may offer some type of light refreshment before the show and during intermission.

LENGTH OF PERFORMANCES – Our productions typically last close to 2 hours with at least one intermission.

RECORDING OR TAKING PICTURES DURING PERFORMANCE  – These are not allowed as they could be a distraction and danger to the performers and could violate choreography rights.

PURCHASING BALLET ARKANSAS MERCHANDISE – We do have a boutique at The Nutcracker where we sell a great assortment of Nutcracker related things, some of which have been personalized for Ballet Arkansas. Occasionally we will have merchandise for sale at other shows and in our studio. You can always contact us at info@balletarkansas.org to see what is available.